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Days That Matter in 2009

March 2019

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The Days that Matter could help to highlight the concerns and apprehensions of the youth today They need a mention in the school calendar. Each special day can be organized in a different way:
  • Have a special assembly
  • Enact a play
  • Write a poem or a slogan
  • Organize a quiz or a debate
  • Do a cleanup drive
  • Have a tree planting program
  • Plant a peace garden
  • Have a poster competition
  • Hold a ‘Just a Minute’ competition
  • Call a renowned speaker
  • Hold a classroom board display
  • Have a photo display
  • Organize a field trip
  • Make crafts using local material; or recycled material
  • Organize a candle light walk
  • Have a cycle rally


08th March - Womens Day:

It is a day to highlight the achievements of women and a day to encourage all women to strive to achieve their full potential.

21st March - World Forestry Day:

India has lost more than half its forests between 1900 and 2000 due to extensive deforestation. Today only about 12 percent of the country's total land area is covered with forests.

22nd March - World Water Day:

2% of the world’s water is freshwater and it needs to be conserved As water resources become scarce and clean drinking water becomes a luxury for many in the developing countries ,it was decided to emphasize on this crucial issue by adopting water conservation methods.

23rd March - World Meteorological Day:

We all need to be reminded that weather is an integral part of the environment and our culture. Climate is a summing up of weather!